Strategic Business Planning & Advice

During your introductory session, Ellie will discuss with you your needs and determine which programme is right for you. Coaching is then customised to suit your specific personal and business needs.

With a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Queensland and over 15 years of experience as a business analyst and a manager,Ellie can help both small-to-medium and large corporate businesses to improve their profitability, operational efficiency and staff morale. By examining your organisation’s resources and capabilities as well as the existing and potential competition, Ellie can help your business to capitalise on its strengths and deliver better financial and non-financial outcomes. Ellie Rentoul Business & Life Coaching is for you if you would like high-quality strategic & tactical advice – at a fraction of a large consulting firm’s price. Ellie has a practical approach to all her projects and a proven track record as a manager: Ellie was an award-winning Brand Manager of the UK fashion label Firetrap between 1998 and 2000 with over 15 staff and a revenue of GBP 12 Million p.a. In Australia, Ellie has successfully managed small teams of business and market analysts – both at private sector firms and in the State Government Departments. What to look for in a Business Coach? It is important to engage a coach with relevant experience in working in and on similar projects and businesses. It is more than mere theory and “best practice”, it is having been through situations personally and being able to draw on past knowledge of successes and mistakes. Typically, the business coach will understand the many facets of running a business. Their experience should include business planning & strategy, sales & marketing, finance & administration, operations and human resources. A coach’s interpersonal skills are critical. They must be capable of listening to you and your team, be able to quickly analyse issues and prioritise areas for improvement. Therefore, the relationship between you and the coach is a key element for success. Combining the expertise of a business coach with your understanding of the industry and the market in which you operate is a sure recipe for success. Our Business Coaching Process Discovery Phase Initially there will be a stage of gathering facts and getting an understanding of the issues at hand. Allocating staff time is vital to gain as in depth view as possible across all your business functions. Prioritising Change Once there is a clear understanding of the issues there will need to be a prioritisation effort to ensure the most important tasks are undertaken first. That is, the ones that will make the most impact as quickly as possible. Developing Actions Actions against each of the problem areas will be developed. Achieving a quick turnaround in resolving problems means taking decisive measurable steps allocated to individuals with specific time constraints. The commitment of all involved – you, your team and your business coach as a key driver is fundamental to obtaining successful outcomes. Ongoing Guidance Change will often cause stress and conflict and your business coach will work with you through the difficult situations that you may encounter. You will be able to leverage your coach’s experience in dealing with people as they are tested and move outside their comfort zone. View fee structure