Ellie Rentoul life coach, Brisbane

Whether your business needs help to improve its profitability, productivity or team morale or you would like to enhance your management capabilities in order to accelerate your rise into a top leadership role – Ellie Rentoul has the skills, knowledge, experience and academic backbone to help you get there. Her post-graduate level tertiary qualifications and diverse international business experience allows her to work effectively with leaders across a range of levels and industries. She brings to the table a unique balance of commercial insight and behavioural rigour. Ellie can also help you with some specific goal or issue such as launching a new business, writing a book, finding a new career or moving through a life transition. Ellie will work in partnership with you and your Team to challenge the status quo and to deliver proven and long-term value to your business. Ellie is passionate about delivering great results to her clients – whether by facilitating team building events, customer service training programmes and strategic business planning workshops or by working one-on-one with managers and executives to further develop their authentic leadership style and attain a genuine fulfilment both at work and in their private lives.