Ellie Rentoul life coach, Brisbane

Whether you simply want more from life or your career – or you need help with a specific goal or issue such as launching a new business, writing a book, finding a new career or moving through life transition – coaching can help you to get the life you truly want! Ellie will work with you to develop your true potential and talents and discover more of your authentic self, so that you can attain genuine fulfilment.


During the coaching process, you and Ellie will work in partnership to clarify your vision, discover new possibilities, set goals and create a strategy to achieve them. She helps you to implement your strategy – dealing with any obstacles and helping you through the fear and discomfort of making changes, while offering support and encouragement.

Similar to a sports coach, a personal coach provides you with a complete focus on your needs and an unbiased outside eye to help you see things more clearly and rationally. Ellie will apply various techniques from her training, share her knowledge and experience and will be a good listener when you really need one.

One of the intangible benefits of coaching that many people particularly enjoy is having someone there who is totally focused on you and your needs – without running her own agenda.