Goal Setting & Action Planning

During your introductory session, Ellie will discuss with you your needs and determine which programme is right for you. Coaching is then customised to suit your specific personal and business needs.

A coach will help you to get a clear vision of how you want your life to be and help you set goals and strategy to get you there. Most of us feel that they should be able to set and accomplish your goals on your own, but often, people get tripped up by their own limiting or self-defeating beliefs about what is actually possible for them, or are simply overwhelmed by everyday life demands. As a result, despite knowing what needs to be done, people fail to take action or they give up half way.

Ellie will help you to see past your own thought process and beliefs to get more clarity and see new possibilities. She will help you to achieve more in less time by guiding you in planning a strategy and providing you with unconditional and focused support and encouragement. Depending on individual client needs, Ellie may use a range of techniques and methodologies to help individuals and organizations facilitate positive change and achieve set goals.

Amongst others, Ellie will use Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and creative visualisation techniques as well as the more established solution-focused coaching methodologies.

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