This is what Ellie’s past and existing clients had to say about the quality and the style of Ellie’s service:

An excellent foundation to build a winning team…

We engaged Ellie to provide consultation on how to build up our Management Team in Customer Accounting. The pre-consultations and offsite workshop with her provided an excellent foundation to build a winning team. She also did one-on-ones with each person in our Management team after our workshop.

Ellie does not only understand how a big, global corporation works, but she also brings a unique skillset of Life Coaching and ties the corporate world with each individuals personality to get the best results.

By taking her time to understand our company, internal slang and KPIs, she built an excellent module which ensured we focused on our strategy and core values while working to build up our team.

Ellie’s workshop was engaging, thought-provoking and highly practical. We received fantastic feedback from our team members who walked away feeling inspired and energised to thrive and work together. We’d highly recommend Ellie as a consultant, facilitator and speaker.

Cathrine Stenshagen
Customer Accounting
DHL Express Oceania

Ellie is fantastic at pinpointing areas that are creating blockages…

As a business owner, it is easy to find yourself stuck in certain areas although it is hard to really figure out what the obstacles are. I think Ellie is fantastic at pinpointing the areas that are creating the blockages. Ellie is honest, straightforward and what I love the most is that the advice comes from real life experiences, whether it’s from previous ventures, small business, corporate life, family, relationships etc. Ellie’s interest in coaching people really shines through in the session and she is good at listening and understanding your situation. I also like Ellie’s approach to action – once the challenges have been identified and discussed, it is time to develop a plan to overcome them. Need a boost of energy in your life or business? Go and see Ellie! I would highly recommend Ellie to anyone that needs a bit of guidance and a push in the right direction.

Astrid Schwartz
Founder & Owner of “Bubnest”

Helped to save my business and my sanity…

As an MBA with 15 years corporate FMCG experience with the Fosters group I have had more than my fair share of experience with organisational consultants, and I can say first hand I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Ellie Rentoul as a professional organisational consultant or an analyst for any business.

As an entrepreneur, I made a decision two years ago to undertake a plan for rapid growth that, not surprisingly, led to some negative behaviours from key members of staff. Clearly, a number of staff didn’t buy into the direction I wanted to take my business at that time. I am very aware how difficult managing change can be for any organisation (big and small) and, sadly for me, my business was no exception.

Thankfully, I was smart enough to engage the services of Ellie when I knew I was in trouble and needed help. In hindsight, getting Ellie into my business when I did save my business – and my sanity. Ellie did an amazing job to very quickly build trust with key staff so we could look past the negative behaviours and quickly get to the root cause of our problems (wrong people in key roles and a lack of structured business systems to sustain growth). Once we identified what needed to be fixed, Ellie worked in partnership with me and my team to address our deficiencies (systems and culture) before creating and assisting in the implementation of new “ways of working” and business systems so that we could effectively manage our businesses turn around.

As a business owner and leader, I learnt a huge lesson around effectively managing the growth and culture of a new business. Today, I have a much smaller but more manageable and profitable business. My staff levels are smaller but happier and I see this reflected in the feedback I receive from clients around our service levels compared to our competition.

As importantly I am also much less stressed and my cash flow position is strong!

Ellie’s honesty (she does not sugar coat), efficiency, strategic acumen, and capacity to break big problems down into manageable chunks, that everyone in the team can take ownership of, is amazing.

Best of all, Ellie genuinely cares for her clients, wants what’s best for them both personally and professionally.

You are awesome Ellie!!!

David Gowdie
Harcourts Graceville

Clarity about what I should focus on in my life…

I write this testimonial as I sit looking over rice paddies from my new, wonderfully-inspiring home in Bali!  A large part of my current happiness and success is thanks to the influence & wise encouraging guidance from Ellie.

I have been one of Ellie’s clients on and off for a few years now.  We originally met back in 2012 when I moved from Sydney to Brisbane and was in a bit of a life and career rut.  After a couple sessions with Ellie and with the help of her strong, “no-nonsense” yet kind approach, I found myself much more clear about what I should focus on and how I should spend my time and money to achieve my goals.  Working with Ellie has helped me to shed some of the ‘old history’ and focus on what I need to do to live my ‘best life’.  Even after a couple of sessions with her, I have managed to become better-organised & back on track with my work and personal life.  I owe a lot to Ellie and her way of coaching – I found our sessions always very helpful and immensely rewarding.  I would highly recommend Ellie to anybody going through any kind of life transition or if one needs a bit of help with getting one’s priorities right.  Ellie can help you to categorise all the things in your life and see which ones mean the most to you – and, hence, what you should focus on to achieve your professional, personal, health or career goals.

Prudence Gillett (29 yrs)
Fashion Designer & Stylist

One of the best decisions I have made in my life…

Following through on a recommendation for life and business coaching with Ellie was one of the best decisions I have made in my life and for my new business! We all feel we know ourselves to a certain extent but Ellie has an incredible talent and technique that gently encourages you to dig deeper in a quest to uncover your truths and reach your full potential. Through a few focused sessions, Ellie has been an invaluable life force for me as I’ve been developing my business around not only my services but myself, as a brand. Working towards a life and business that I love and is a true reflection.

Ellie provides insightful and useful feedback and offers practical solutions to start ticking off that to do list, today! Not a minute is wasted and Ellie always goes above and beyond to ensure her clients are equipped with everything they need to take that next step forward with confidence. More than her experience and knowledge, Ellie touches and inspires people through her authentic and beautiful spirit and she genuinely cares for her clients. She lives and breathes what she teaches and I’m so very grateful for all she has brought to my life. With her guidance and support, I am truly on a journey where my dreams are unfolding.

Ali Holgar
Interior Designer & Stylist

We both felt heard and respected and there was a clear Action Plan…

I was struggling in my relationship last year due to the excessive workload for both me and my partner. I decided to take a friend’s advice and seek help in form of couples coaching.  My relationship was at a breaking point – but I still believed it was worth saving if there was an opportunity to get on top of our communication problems. Having a third person there to listen and reinforce the underlying message behind all the hurt and blame was so helpful. Not only did Ellie provide immense support for me, but my husband felt the same. We both felt heard and respected and there was a clear action plan in place for the session and after. We established that we had more in common than we thought and Ellie provided us with some helpful tools on how to use that to get back on track with our marriage. We didn’t feel overwhelmed by her advice – in our session, we agreed on some new and simple habits to implement, such as more explicit appreciation of each other and some specific work on self for each of us. I cannot thank Ellie enough for her willingness to help and her generosity of her time. She held the space fur us when we really needed it. We are now back on track and life feels a lot ‘lighter’ – and that only took one session.  This is also because we are both good at implementing and taking action. I would wholeheartedly recommend Ellie to anyone!

Anna (38yrs)

I’d genuinely recommend Ellie to anyone…

I’ve been seeing Ellie for about 5 months now about a few “life admin” issues and she has been absolutely wonderful and very professional in assisting me with each matter I am seeking her help about. She is very open and non-judgmental and always makes me feel like I matter, which is so important when you are going through any sort of tough time.

She has assisted me in making short-term action plans and has taught me how to take control of my life through relaxation techniques and meditation, which I am now trying to incorporate into my everyday life.

I’d genuinely recommend Ellie to anyone, she is a fantastic mentor and is very passionate about Life Coaching, which makes her so great at it.

Penelope Younger

Real-world corporate big picture expertise…

Ellie’s enthusiasm and guidance have been instrumental to the success of our team. Ellie is pragmatic, strategic and practical in her approach, offering sound, impartial advice that helps me navigate business challenges and new ways to help bring our team together.

One of her key strengths I noticed when she works with our team, is the mindset and impact that she can have on an individual’s performance. This then moves into talent management and understanding what drives a person and how to best utilise their natural skills within the workplace and in their individual business models.

She brings real-world corporate big picture expertise and thinking and applies it to real estate in a way that is thoroughly practical and easy to implement. She is a true whiz when it comes to new ideas and implementing them with our office structure.

Ellie is genuinely kind, caring and is passionate about helping us grow and giving me gentle nudges in the right direction. She brings focus to each session and I leave every interaction with Ellie feeling empowered. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Cameron Crouch
Ray White Sherwood & Graceville

Someone who will help you move forward in your career and business…

I had been considering using a Business Coach for quite some time but had been reluctant to move forward with it as I did not want someone who would give me some ‘cookbook’ approach of identifying my ‘core values’ and goal setting homework. After researching coaches in the Brisbane area Ellie really stood out to me – there was no one else that had her unique blend of skills. She has university qualifications, real business experience, expert communication skills and genuine care for the people she deals with. From my first session, it was clear that Ellie had the experience to support her recommendations and an action-focused approach to her coaching.

Ellie also takes the time to identify the personal circumstances that contribute to the challenges that hold you back from achieving the outcomes you want in business and in your life. She truly does go above and beyond to provide you with the tools that she believes will help you overcome obstacles and barriers. She has a special way of making you feel she is invested in your success. If you are looking for someone who will help you move forward in your career and business I would highly recommend seeing Ellie. I only wish I had seen Ellie from the very moment we started our practice!

Eric C.
Business Owner
Health Care Industry

Helped me turn my visions into realities…

Ellie is an exceptional life coach and I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation. And if you are still unsure, I encourage you to just spend one hour with her, as I am 100% confident that you will be blown away by just how much you can achieve in one session. She can pinpoint the big shifts you need to make, inspire you and create a plan for a better future, all in the time it takes to have a coffee!

She has a knack for immediately sifting through what is real, and what is due to my own faulty or negative thinking patterns. She is action oriented and solution oriented. I always come away from our coaching sessions feeling like I have practical ways of improving things. Above and beyond the tools she equips me with, she has also taught me to think differently. I have learned to consider life in new ways, to remove the blinkers and limitations that are often so easy to accept.

Underlying her incredible skills is also a deeply compassionate and caring person, so her guidance and suggestions don’t ever undermine my confidence. She has helped me turn my visions into realities. And then when I have struggles with reality, she helps me connect again with my vision. Her insight, lightning fast mind, and uncanny intuition really get to the heart of things.

Ellie is an incredible observer of human nature and her brain fires a million miles an hour. I am sure that having lived all over the world, having achieved great success in fashion and business, speaking many languages and studying widely have all contributed to her refreshing perspective on life. She has a magnetic character and amazing life stories that naturally inspire all the people around her to be the best they can be.

People like Ellie don’t graduate from a university course, they are born of amazing life experiences. It’s very lucky for Brisbane that she chose to settle here!

Allison Christou
Associate Director
Performance Audit
Office of the Auditor General

I am a stronger and more determined person…

I have been recommending Ellie to anyone I think could benefit from life coaching! I found her very understanding and approachable. I felt like Ellie really understood me and helped me to have a clearer view of what I really wanted out of my life – both personal & business. I feel like I am a stronger and more determined person from spending time with Ellie as she has helped me to work out how to deal with some of my challenges and to plan for a more successful future.

Kate Johnston
Small Business Owner

Instrumental in guiding and advising me…

When I first met Ellie Rentoul I had not long graduated from my  Screen Animation studies after spending over 20 years out of the workforce raising my 3 children. I had just commenced work on contract within a Government department, while I created my graphic portfolio and wondered how I would put these new skills to use.

Having been out of the workforce for so long, I felt quite daunted by all the changes in technology and a lot of my life skills needed updating. Ellie couched me and highlighted the benefits of doing further studies within the government whilst developing my animation business at home. She helped me to work out a few key goals in a manner tailored to suit my temperament and capabilities. She used her life-planning expertise to assist me to restructure the relationship between my home-life and work.

One of the greatest rewards I have received from Ellie’s coaching has been the inner strength I have garnered from her training. My confidence and belief in myself and my capabilities would not be what they are today without Ellie’s influence.

Ellie has a very unique gift of being able to relate to people from all backgrounds and put them at ease and gain their confidence immediately and I have experienced firsthand her self-esteem building techniques that have enabled me to overcome stubborn obstacles.

I love that her advice has always been practical and to the point. She doesn’t ‘pull any punches’ but speaks honestly and with compassion. Just the sort of delivery I needed!
She has been instrumental in guiding and advising me in my life both professionally and personally. She is my mentor, my inspiration and I’m honoured to say, after over 6 years of coaching, is now my friend.

Sonja Rademaker
Director, ShoeString Studios
ADMO, Property Portfolio Management
Department of Communities

Her common sense approach.…

Every issue I had with my personal and professional life Ellie knew and understood with almost a sixth sense what I was going through. Her advice helped me understand what was holding me back and determined what was missing from my life to help me move forward and achieve my goals.

Her warmth and engaging personality put me immediately at ease and her common sense approach appealed to my sense of logic. I felt as though she was my personal cheer squad and with her support, I am enjoying a fulfilling relationship with my partner and career success.

Ellie’s caring attitude, life experience, ability to listen and advice are invaluable assets to anyone wanting a little understanding and guidance in their life.

Name withheld